Jewelry maintenance


In addition to taking care of clothes and shoes, do not forget to maintain your jewelry. The better you take care of them, the longer they will make you happy. In this article you will find practical advice and tips on how to store and treat jewelry.

Proper storage

W Jewelry Store in a dry place without direct sunlight. Ideal in a jewelry box , where each piece of jewelry has its place and does not happen to be damaged by each other. For long-term storage of jewelry, we recommend closing plastic bags, which eliminate the access of air.

Do not hang pearl cords, but place them on a flat surface so that the thread on which they are threaded does not come out. Pearls should not be stored in direct sunlight, in high temperature areas or in extremely dry environments. It is best to store them in a jewelry box so that they are not damaged by other metal jewelry.

Sofia-jewelry box

Sofia-jewelry box

When to stack jewelry

The simplest rule we recommend is to put your jewelry last before leaving the house and to fold it first when you return. They will be shiny for longer and the stones will be radiant.

If you are going to the pool, sauna, sea, massage or thermal bath, we recommend putting all silver jewelry, but also gold jewelry with pearls and gems. Avoid contact with chemicals and cleaning agents that accelerate the oxidation of silver or may damage the jewelry. You should also wear rings and bracelets when working in the garden.

The surface of the pearl is sensitive and fragile. Improper handling can damage or peel the mother-of-pearl layer or cause loss of gloss. In the case of pearls, it is especially true that they are the last thing you decorate yourself before leaving the house, and therefore only after applying all cosmetics and perfumes. However, wearing them on the skin benefits them because they like moisture.

Cleaning and maintenance

Jewelry with a surface finish, and therefore porous or gilded, can be polished with a microfibre cloth for optics or a fine cotton fabric. Do not use silver solutions on coated and patinated jewelry that could damage their patina. You can clean non-rhodium-plated silver and gold jewelery in solutions designed for this purpose , or polish it with a special soaked cleaning cloth .

Solution-for-cleaning Handricky-on-cleaning Pandora-cleaning-set Pandora-cleaning-cloth

Instead, avoid any domestic "guaranteed" advice to avoid possible damage to the jewelry. If you still want to clean the jewelry with the means you have at home, we recommend a gentle bath in soapy water, which you then rinse thoroughly and dry the jewelry.

Care for pearls

Pearls should not come into contact with detergents, alcohol, vinegar, fruit juices and the like. You can clean them with a special solution designed directly for pearls or with a soft clean sponge soaked in soapy water. Lightly apply the sponge to the individual beads, never scrub them. In the event of a break in the string of pearls, we recommend entrusting the dressing of pearls to the hands of experts.

Pearl set Solution-for-cleaning

If the rhodium layer is damaged, the jewelry can be re-born. The mechanically stressed parts of the jewelry, as well as the placement of the stones, should be checked, or adjusted or repaired by a goldsmith. From time to time, we recommend having rhodium-plated jewelry professionally cleaned with ultrasound, which also removes fine dirt. However, ultrasonic jewelry cleaning is not suitable for jewelry with natural gemstones. It is better to leave the cleaning of heavily soiled or oxidized jewelry to experts. We will be happy to professionally clean or repair our jewelry for you.

We provide advice on maintenance in each of our stores, but also in the Infoline and online chat.

You can also use the services of our jewelry workshop. We accept orders for service and cleaning of jewelry in all our stores. If necessary, you can agree with our colleagues on the Infoline or via chat, and then send your jewelry for repair or professional cleaning to:

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