Svadobné šperky


Vybrali ste si svadobného fotografa, svadobné šaty, účes, ale čo vaše svadobné šperky? Prezradíme vám zopár cenných odporúčaní, ktoré vám pomôžu pri výbere svadobných šperkov.

Najdôležitejšie ako prvé

V prvom rade - vyberte si najskôr šaty a až potom svadobné šperky, ktoré ich doplnia. Sú vaše šaty tradičné, moderné, jednoduché, vintage alebo romantické? Šperky, ktoré zvolíte by mali predovšetkým s vašimi šatami ladiť. Napríklad, ak máte zdobené šaty, skúste si vybrať doplnky s jemným dizajnom, ktoré nechajú priestor šatám. Jednoduché šaty môžete naopak doplniť výraznejšími kúskami, ako sú napríklad visiace náušnice alebo perlové náhrdelníky.

Traditional or ligature?

The timelessness of pearls can also be seen in wedding trends, when more and more brides are choosing pearls as their main accessory to wedding dresses. Brides can choose from a wide range of decorated silver jewelry combined with pearls, but classic pearl cords are also suitable, which look elegant and are suitable for almost any dress design.

The right jewelry is also pearl needles , which can be supplemented with a simple pearl bracelet. Do not over-mix the pearls, but you can reach for jewelry that uses pearls with inconspicuous zircons.

Sofia-pearls Sofia-pearl-earrings Sofia-pearl-necklace Sofia-pearl-earrings

Sofia-pearl-earrings Sofia-pearl-bracelet Sofia-pearl-earrings Sofia necklace

Choose zircons especially if you want jewelry that ligates beautifully in the sun. Delicate zircon earrings also perfectly complement simple smooth veils. If you like sets, we recommend reaching for zircon or pearl sets, which are suitable not only for weddings but also for other social events, so they are a great investment in jewelry that will last you several years. Most sets consist of a necklace, earrings and a bracelet, so you can combine them as you wish according to your mood and occasion.

Sofia earrings Sofia-naramok Sofia earrings Sofia necklace

In our offer you will also find non-rhodium-plated silver jewelry, which, thanks to its white color, goes well with wedding and formal dresses.

Sofia-naramok Sofia earrings Sofia-naramok Sofia necklace

Great trick for necklines

Wedding dresses with a more pronounced neckline are still trendy, so they are a great choice, especially if you have your big day during the summer months. Such necklines deserve necklaces that are imaginative and attract attention. For dresses with straps with a deep neckline, we recommend betting on Y-shaped necklaces, which will beautifully accentuate the neckline and give the dress a unique impression. If you have chosen a dress with a heart-shaped corset, reach for pearl necklaces. You will highlight the neck, and at the same time you will let the space stand out for your wedding dress.

Brides who do not like necklaces can combine more pronounced or longer earrings with distinctive necklines. The more extravagant pieces also look very nice.

Sofia necklace Sofia-naramok Sofia necklace Sofia necklace

Sofia earrings Sofia earrings Sofia earrings Sofia earrings

It depends on the hair

Longer hair will give you more hairstyle options, so it's up to you which one you choose. However, keep your hairstyle in mind when choosing jewelry, because some types of dangling earrings can become uncomfortable in your hair during the day. The combed hairstyles at the top ask for a more pronounced piece, while with loosely loose hair, we recommend complementing your wedding look with pearls or more pronounced needles.

If you have short hair, you can opt for larger earrings, but the rule still does not combine earrings with a necklace. If you have chosen a more striking necklace, combine it with needles in a simple design.

The color of your hair is something you should also think about when choosing wedding jewelry. Accessories with diamonds or zircons are more pronounced in darker hair, while pearls look romantic and gentle with every hair color and cut.

Sofia-pearls Sofia earrings Sofia-pearl-earrings Sofia necklace

The type of face can decide

You can also choose earrings according to the type of face. Dangling earrings are best suited to a round face, and various types of earrings are best suited to an oval face, so you can choose from many available designs. Oval or round earrings, also drop or triangle earrings, will land on the heart type of face. Almost all types of earrings are suitable for the square face, with the exception of geometric shapes.

Oval shapeHeart-shapeRound faceSquare shape

Brides don't really have it easy when choosing, but remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident, and choose pieces that reflect your authentic style. Choose from our offer of jewelry in stores and e-shop