Jewellery from the famous PANDORA brand is sold in more than 100 countries around the world. You can collect charms on the iconic bracelet, which will remind you of the most beautiful moments of life. Thanks to the PANDORA bracelet, you will always have these beautiful memories with you. PANDORA will thus become your unique personal jewellery of priceless value. In addition to the typical bracelet and charms, you will also find other jewellery in the brand's offer, such as earrings, rings and necklaces.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Pandora brand.


Pandora and Sofia

Sofia is an authorized dealer of the PANDORA brand (website of the brand: Thanks to that, you can be sure that you are buying original jewellery, which will be delivered to you in a branded package with a certificate of originality. We offer a complete range of PANDORA jewellery. In the SOFIA stores and e-shop, you will find hundreds of designs that offer you almost unlimited possibilities of combinations.

Jewellery and watches from the workshop of the legendary Frenchman, designer Pierre Cardin, combine a timeless touch of French charm, style and elegance with a price acceptable to a wide range of customers looking to connect with the world of Parisian Haute couture. The PIERRE CARDIN Jewel Couture jewelery collection is an image of a great designer and his personality. It is a symbol of cosmopolitanism and a mirror of lifestyle. The character of his jewellery is the embodiment of classic elegance intended for people who know their qualities and prefer proven values to fashion fads.

PIERRE CARDIN jewellery and watches will appeal to successful women and men who prefer quality and a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

ESPRIT jewellery and watches are a successful segment of this dynamic brand, which brings design to a strong, young, stylish target group. The captivating unique design and image of the brand are the biggest trump cards of trendy ESPRIT jewellery reflecting the fashion of each season. ESPRIT has played an important role in moving silver to the top of the list of the most sought-after materials and has redefined trends in jewellery design. His success predestines him to take a leading position in his category of jewellery and "fashion" watches. ESPRIT is expanding and achieving success in Central and Eastern Europe.

ALTAR rings have found many of their fans, thanks to the aesthetically sensitive, downright beautiful design of the rings, which bear a deep legacy. These steel, titanium and tungsten rings are available in many traditional or modern models. The brand also brings Damascus steel rings to our market.

Pro-client direction is a matter of course for this Czech company, and therefore the rings that respond to the requirements of customers of our markets are constantly being added to the already existing models.

Most couples in Europe buy BREUNING rings. Seal your love with rings of the highest quality. Let your big day be accompanied by timeless elegance, beauty and taste and, as a symbol of eternity, with the diamonds that BREUNING puts in its rings. BREUNING is an international leader in the production of top-quality jewellery. Choose the rings that will accompany you for a lifetime.

BREUNING - wedding rings of German quality.

Breuning and Sofia

Breuning offers its rings in several collections. Choose from a design collection of gold or silver rings.

Thanks to their surface treatment, the silver rhodium-plated BREUNING rings are indistinguishable from white gold, and their price is more than acceptable.

You can find the complete range at

Whatever rings you choose, they will be made for you and with internal engraving according to your wishes. You can order them in any store, or via the Internet, through our e-shop, or by sending an order to In the e-mail, state the codes of the rings, their size, and any text to engrave inside. Engraving gold rings is free.

You can choose from these font patterns and symbols

You will have the rings within 14 days of ordering!


Pierre Lannier - a brand breathing French culture and charm. Originally a family business, today the largest watch manufacturer in France, it has been bringing stylish clocks full of fashion design to the world for almost 40 years. Tradition, style, proven quality and home production make the Pierre Lannier brand not only the largest manufacturer but also the choice of number 1 customers in France. The stylish designs of women's and men's watches together with modern materials such as ceramics will make this watch a unique piece of jewellery on your hand. Of course, high-quality Swiss Ronda machines are also included.

Cutie Kids Jewelery is synonymous with high-quality gold and silver jewellery made in Czech Republic for children. In the offer, you will find a wide range of patterns from classic to modern designs in yellow or white gold of purity 585/1000, or in silver 925/1000 with zircons of first-class quality from the company Preciosa or Swarovski-Signity in 12 colours or the version without stone. We offer earrings in three versions of fastening.

The Cutie brand is not just about the production and sale of jewellery, but about the whole concept of unusually wide variability, presentation and high-quality craftsmanship of jewellery. Thanks to great variability, you will find the right thing in the collection for your youngest girls from two months to the threshold of adulthood. Cutie Kids Jewelery is a successful brand not only in our region. Cutie jewellery will simply fall in love not only with you, but also with your children.

Viceroy - Viceroy is a Spanish company known for producing its own machines. The company was founded in 1951. It specializes in the production of high-quality watches. Today, this brand is known and has become a leader in its field. Viceroy produces quality watches that are suitable for any occasion and are not only fashionable but also trendy. The ambassador of this brand were and are personalities such as the world-famous Formula 1 driver - Fernando Alonso, Julio Iglesias - Spanish singer and former football player, excellent actress - Penelope Cruz or Shakira.

Sometimes at dawn, in the time between sleep and wakefulness, we feel their invisible presence: whispers and flutters. Ring the angel's bell and find your angel. Each bell is original thanks to handmade production and has its own unique sound.

ENGELSRUFER - Angel bells are handmade jewellery made of silver, ceramics, glass, brass and zircons. The assortment includes bells (sound balls), angel wings, pendants and chains.

The ENGELSRUFER concept is based on the ancient tradition of summoning a guardian angel with a bell (sound ball). ENGELSRUFER jewellery is as fragile as an angel and at the same time strong and powerful enough to help in difficult times. Summon your guardian angel.

The story of the Cluse brand is the story of people who discovered beauty in simplicity. Elegance and minimalism are combined with the precise processing of quality materials and machines. Simple, elegant and timeless - this is exactly the watch from the Dutch brand Cluse. They radiate femininity, delicacy and their sophisticated beauty suits every woman.

The watch of the British brand Olivia Burton radiates vintage soul, timeless charm, elegance and inimitable femininity. The original design full of gentle designs predestines this watch to become a hot hit of the season.

Fred Bennett jewellery is made by award-winning designers right in the heart of the fashion industry in London. Silver and steel in combination with leather and stones are the basic materials of jewellery of this brand designed for men and boys with style, appreciating the quality and use of the latest production technologies. Since its inception in 2004, the brand has won numerous awards and recognitions for the quality and innovation of jewellery, including the most prestigious award - the Jewelery Brand of the Year (UK).

A unique concept for children's jewellery D for Diamond. You will find a real diamond in every piece of silver. To enhance the overall impression, each piece of jewellery is packed in a beautiful and high-quality gift package. Suitable for even the youngest children, for casual wear and perfect for special occasions. D for Diamond is full of stories about animals, heroes, love or favourite fairy tales. Success is guaranteed for your children.

The Nautica watch is a prestigious American brand that has become an icon of yachting. Nautica men's watch represents a combination of quality and design with an active and adventurous lifestyle. Nautica watches are a combination of the best American style and fashionable European design. Sports and especially yachting inspire the functions of watches, which are designed for a lifestyle full of energy and activity. The manufacturers of NAUTICA watches place great emphasis not only on functionality and detail, but also on the latest world fashion trends. Nautica uses only branded Swiss or Japanese movements such as Eta, Ronda, Citizen or Seiko for its watches.

The watches of the Swedish brand Daniel Wellington are based on the philosophy of usable and timeless casual elegance. The story of the watch Daniel Wellington begins with a journey through half the world, where the founder of the brand Filip Tysander met a British gentleman with refined taste. A random Englishman changed his life. He liked to wear his watch on the old, shabby straps of the British navy. His name was Daniel Wellington. And so the iconic luxury watch was created, which will get you with its minimalist design and the possibility of exchanging straps - you can choose between elegant leather straps or straps with extravagant coloured stripes. Fall in love with the style of English gentlemen.

Sector is a unique and purely men's Italian brand of jewellery made of surgical steel. Italian elegance, design and execution radiating masculinity spiced with gentlemanly elegance have brought this brand to the top jewellery brands in the preferences of our husbands, friends and fathers. As a bonus, each piece of jewellery is packed in a luxurious and beautiful box.

The Hot Diamonds brand comes from the United Kingdom, where it is the best-selling jewellery brand. Hot Diamonds silver jewellery is exceptional in the quality of workmanship and material used. They are decorated with real diamonds and 18 kt are used for gilding. honey. These jewellery are a great gift for someone special.

The world-famous brand THOMAS SABO emphasizes individuality and brings universal, innovative and constantly new trendy designs of jewellery and watches for women and men. Exclusivity lies in the quality of the materials used and their processing. THOMAS SABO jewellery can be perfectly combined with each other and the result is your completely unique look for all occasions. Themes are as diverse as life itself, so you'll always find the right one.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Thomas Sabo brand.

With ASTRA silver medallions, you can tell life stories and share feelings with the world around you. Transparent medallions are filled with perfectly elaborated symbolic motifs and moving glittering zircons. ASTRA symbolic pendants are a suitable gift for significant life events.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Astra brand.

The well-known Italian company BROSWAY, which offers stainless steel jewellery complemented by Swarovski crystals, has been operating on the market for more than 40 years. Reach for the symbols that the jewellery carries, or discover the collection of CHAKRA bracelets. At BROSWAY jewellery you will find symbols of happiness, family, friendship and much more.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Brosway dealer.

The German watch brand ZEPPELIN brings technical sophistication and elegant retro style. The watches from the ZEPPELIN workshop celebrate the symbiosis of culture, history, art and technology, making them a unique addition. You can choose a model with quartz but also a mechanical movement from the best manufacturers. Each watch of this brand has its own model number and edition on the back of the case, which adds to its uniqueness.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Zeppelin dealer.

Affordability, beautiful design and high-quality Japanese movements Citizen and Miyota make watches of the American brand FOSSIL an ideal choice for you. Designers use the best of the past, updated to suit today's modern style. In the FOSSIL collections, you will find classic and extravagant models.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Fossil dealer.

The range of watches from the innovative DIESEL brand is industrial and robust - created for brave men who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you prefer casual fashion, want to capture and show your individuality, the DIESEL watch will not disappoint you.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Diesel dealer.

The Italian brand MORELLATO has created a new concept of luxury called jewelry for life, where there is no place of pomp but a style that will satisfy the current customer. MORELLATO jewellery and watches are made of silver or stainless steel of the highest quality. They are known worldwide for their original design and precise workmanship. Giulio Morellato founded the company in 1930 in Bologna, Italy.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Morellato brand.

The largest Italian lifestyle brand in the world - TRUSSARDI - has also expanded into the world of watches, in which it represents a typical concept of timeless elegance. The watch brings high quality, tradition, and the Italian lifestyle's charm, which has always fascinated the world. TRUSSARDI watches are manufactured by MORELLATO, which is one of the world's watchmakers.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Trussardi brand.

The French brand GO GIRL ONLY is stylish, girly and follows the latest fashion trends. The GO GIRL ONLY watch was created to reflect the personality or mood of its wearer. They are optimistic, fresh, acceptably cheeky and charming.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Go girl only brand.

The young German brand returned to the tradition of a talented watchmaker named CARL VON ZEYTEN and continued the classic design and quality of workmanship, which is a hallmark of this brand. The CARL VON ZEYTEN men's watch offers mechanical watches with automatic winding as well as models with a quartz movement.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Carl von Zeyten brand.

The BERING watch brand, originally from Denmark, is as clean, clear and amazingly beautiful as the Arctic itself, which inspires it. BERING watches made of first-class materials guarantee a long service life, high scratch resistance, and hypoallergenic. All these features lead to the most important thing, namely customer satisfaction.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Bering brand.

The CITIZEN watch brand is considered a pioneer of innovative technology, boasting excellent quality and creativity with respect for craftsmanship since 1918. In the collections of this precise Japanese brand, you will find various styles of watches for ladies and gentlemen. The Eco-drive is worth mentioning, thanks to which the watch generates energy from light and you can forget about replacing the flashlight. The CITIZEN brand offers elegant and sporty pieces.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Citizen dealer.

The Italian brand POLICE embodies the urban spirit, whether in a sophisticated or rough punk form. It is reached especially by young men with a sense of individuality. The watches of this brand won the fans with their quality, but above all with their modern and diverse design.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Police dealer.

The COLLECTION REUSCH rings, founded in 1881, are subject to the strictest quality criteria, made of high-quality gold and platinum directly on the company's premises in Vienna. The company is one of the most successful creators of wedding rings in the world. Designers and goldsmiths work with the latest technologies to create more than 100 new ring models with unique designs every year. Get inspired and immerse yourself in the fantastic world of HONEYMOON rings.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the HoneyMoon brand.

Children's DISNEY watches come in a wide range of attractive styles with all DISNEY characters, not just the first and iconic Mickey Mouse. The watch is made of durable materials, is comfortable to wear and easy to read. They help children learn to set the time and express their love for beloved fairy tales such as Frozen, the iconic Star Wars movies, Marvel Avengers or The Lion King.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Disney dealer.

The DOODLE watch is a strong expressive accessory, a modern tattoo that you can change according to your mood and bring many favorite symbols to life. They offer high-quality, original, fun and inspiring designs for people with a free and independent spirit. As soon as you get to know the DOODLE world, you will no longer want to leave it.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Doodle brand.

Elegant, unique and personal: these are the words that perfectly describe MY IMENSO. The brand's mission is to inspire a woman to create her own unique and personal piece of high-quality jewellery that expresses her personality and can be individualized for every moment and every occasion. The MY IMENSO medallion can be customized thanks to a simple combination of its components.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the MY iMENSO brand.

The Swiss watch brand for demanding young people brings a feeling of freedom and recalls the rarity of every moment. The SWISS HANOWA models embody traditional Swiss quality and bring trendy designs at an attractive price. HANOWA combines timeless and modern elements and pays special attention to detail. The heart of every watch is top movements from renowned Swiss manufacturers.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Swiss Hanowa brand.

Thanks to the pursuit of perfection, accuracy, and quality craftsmanship, the BULOVA brand is a pioneer in developing and producing watches. In the 1960s, even NASA used the BULOVA Accutron timekeeping system in its facilities. This mechanism is still stored on the Moon as a legacy of Earthlings, where it was left by the legendary crew of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Today, the brand belongs to the first-class Japanese watch manufacturer CITIZEN and uses mostly high-quality Swiss movements.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Bulova brand.

The Japanese company CASIO is one of the world's most famous brands. It uses several modern technologies. The company's goal is to bring people joy to life through original and valuable products. The CASIO G-Shock watch line is resistant to shocks and high water pressure, making it the epitome of robustness and multifunctionality. G-Shock watches are ideal for active people who love sports.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Casio dealer.

The ROSATO silver jewellery brand combines craft quality and modern technologies. Detailed miniatures of objects and symbols of everyday life allow women to remember beautiful moments and the emotions associated with them and thus bring joy to everyday life. Thanks to the interchangeable pendants, everyone can adapt ROSATO bracelets and necklaces to their taste and mood and always wear an original piece.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Rosato brand.

The watch of the American brand TIMBERLAND can withstand even more demanding conditions. They are the right choice for anyone who loves adventure but still cares about their appearance. Their discreet design will become an ideal complement to casual style.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized Timberland dealer.

The CO88 brand uses steel and natural stones to make jewellery to bring a bit of individuality to each piece of jewellery. They are designed to appeal to women with a love of nature and life. All women will love the perfect combination of materials and colors.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the CO88 brand.

The men's jewellery brand FRANK-1967 is designed for men who love excitement and adventure. Robust leather and steel jewellery are designed to withstand everyday wear. The brand believes that the secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Frank-1967 brand.

KALIBER men's jewellery brand for those who know how to enjoy life and look good. It produces elegant and informal pieces with a dose of exclusivity. Hand-made combination of materials such as leather, steel and natural stones.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Caliber brand.

The exclusive global brand MICHAEL KORS is today synonymous with luxury. It places particular emphasis on comfortable wearing and long life. Michael Kors jewelry and watches are made of durable surgical steel in combination with leather and zircons. High-quality Japanese Miyota movements power the watch with mineral glass.

SOFIA Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Michael Kors brand.