Children's Earrings

Safety and functional fastening are equally considered in manufacturing children’s earrings. 
We offer the following types of fastening:

Front back (brizura) fastening

Brizura type—front back fastening is located on the front of the jewellery item. There is an eyelet on the decoration of the earring, into which the moving part of the brizura is inserted. It is attached to the back of the earring decoration. Besides its sufficient stretchiness /// elasticity /// stringiness, the earring is firmly secured and is thus protected against loss. However, the fastening is fragile and therefore it is necessary to be careful especially when you fasten the earring for the first time.

As for children's jewellery, this type of fastening is the most suitable for babies and little girls for their first earrings. If allowed by their ear size, girls can wear such earrings until school-aged (usually at least up to 6-8 years of age).

Age recommendation: from 3 months to 3 years.

Flap fastening

The fastening is located on the back of the earring and is equipped with a flap that closes the earring and prevents it from opening and losing. In general, the flap fastening is most often used with earrings. It is suitable for older girls.

A very simple and aesthetic fastening with various advantages: it is easy to use, safe to wear, and safeguarded against spontaneous falling out.
The flap can weigh more than a front back (brizura) fastening, so the price can be a bit higher. Not suitable for the youngest children/babies.

Age recommendation: for girls aged from 5 to 12 years (or for older girls, depending on their ear size).

Screw backs

There is a screw thread on the earring rod, onto which a balloon-shaped cap is screwed. This provides very good loss protection. Earrings with this fastening are very safe and there is almost no risk of losing them. Due to the screw fastening, they are a little harder to put on, compared to a flap or a front back (brizura) fastening. Another small disadvantage is that dirt (soap, cream) can get caught in the cap, so it is necessary to clean the earrings regularly.

Age recommendation: from 6 months to 12 years (depending on the shape of the earring, the rod size and the size of the ear, these earrings can be worn by older girls, too).