About Us

SOFIA is one of the largest retail chains selling silver jewellery in Slovakia. The company's owner and founder, Sofia Farárová, entered the jewellery industry back in 1992 with designing her first pieces of jewellery. She has successfully drawn on her passion for silver, natural stones, and especially pearls in a rapidly growing network of SOFIA Jewelry stores. From the very beginning, she emphasized the aesthetic value and quality workmanship. SOFIA Jewelry started selling river pearl jewellery as one of the first companies in Slovakia in the 1990s.

Today, visiting any of 16 stores of the SOFIA Jewelry network (comprising 13 SOFIA stores, a PANDORA concept store and 2 PRIME TIME watch stores) or our e-shop you can find our own collections of silver jewellery marketed under the SOFIA brand, gold jewellery collection, watch assortment, and several renowned world fashion brands jewellery. Last but not least, the tradition and quality of services provided have made us the largest Slovak seller of the world-famous PANDORA brand.

Excellent communication, quality service, attractive loyalty programs, seasonal promotions, and fair prices. That is why we have been present in the market for 26 years.

We are the largest authorized seller of original PANDORA jewellery in Slovakia. Find the widest range of bracelets and beautiful charms of various shapes and colours for every occasion in SOFIA stores.

We offer jewellery and watches for every occasion:

  • earrings
  • rings
  • charms
  • pendants
  • various types of chains
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • brooches and buckles
  • cufflinks
  • wristwatches
  • wedding rings