Our Values

Each company embraces its story and history, its employees with their relationship to the firm and their professionalism, as well as the values which the company follows and are translated into its business and the way it works. SOFIA has been active in the Slovak market for more than two decades. Over the years, we have developed pillars around which we build our business.

Welcoming, friendly and above-standard approach.

Our customers are no anonymous people to us. What we see is as a loving husband who buys a gift for his wife, or a parent, who chooses a watch as a graduation ceremony gift for the son. Or a girl who just wants to treat herself with a pair of earrings. Our task is to offer the best advice possible, matching the expectations, taste and personal preferences of each client.

On top, you will also enjoy a willing and friendly approach of our staff to make your visit in our stores an unforgettable experience.

There are matters that are best addressed in a face-to-face meeting. So, if you think about buying jewellery from our e-shop and you are unsure or hesitant, visit us in one of our 14 stores to get advice and we will help you with your choice.

If you need to shorten a bracelet, speed up the gift delivery, adjust the jewellery to match your ideas or try it out on you and collect the jewellery in one of our stores, do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best.

What is above standard elsewhere is a nice standard with us.

Credibility and guarantee.

Our company builds on trust. We enjoy our work and we're doing everything to make our customer happy to come back to us: to buy a new piece of jewellery or to have their old one cleaned professionally, or just to stop by for a smile and professional advice. All jewellery and watches we sell come with a two-year warranty; for silver and gold the purity of the metal is guaranteed, for precious stones, branded jewellery and pearls you will receive a certificate of authenticity from us. If you change your mind, you can get the money refund for goods ordered via our e-shop up to 14 days from the purchase without objections (unworn and undamaged jewellery must be sent back); or it is possible to exchange unworn items for other goods of the same or higher value or for a gift card, up to 30 days (applies to e-shops and bricks-and-mortar stores). Service work is also covered by warranty.

Our jewelry is produced only by certified manufacturers and we will be happy to advise you on the choice. In SOFIA, customer care and aftersales support is a matter of course.

We are happy to professionally clean, treat, shorten, extend/enlarge, service or repair our jewellery.

Professionalism and expertise.

Choosing and designing jewellery means to be familiar with your customer. Knowing what they like, the emotion the purchased piece of jewellery embodies for them, and what the moment when they give it to someone should look like.

In addition to professional advice when shopping, we will also gift-wrap your purchase so that you can focus only on what is most important: the emotion you want to express your loved ones.

For us, selling jewellery means understanding precious metals, stones and pearls. It means knowing the production processes and being able to assess the quality of jeweller's work and the material used.

All this enables us to offer our customers the best quality at the best price and also to maintain the high aesthetic and craft value of our jewellery.

Professionalism and expertise as we see it means to have professional and continuously learning personnel in both our stores and on the customer infoline: always ready to give professional advice on the selection, maintenance and service of jewelry, and to give you a nice smile.

Sincerity and honesty.

One-time profit has less value for us than a satisfied and loyal customer. Therefore, do not expect us to seal the deal with you at all cost. We promote full transparency in relation to our clients: transparency of prices, services, guarantees and the quality and type of materials used.

Jewellery is an emotion. An emotion that lasts. When you look at it or when a piece of jewellery touches your skin, the very moment and the person who gave it to you will remain captured in that jewellery piece forever. That is why we are happy if our jewellery can bring you joy and pleasure for as long as possible.